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We are a One Stop Site For all your tech and digital marketing needs.

The United States is the home location for the international technology firm CeylonX, which also has offices in Canada, Australia, and Dubai. We provide comprehensive Web, Mobile app, and ERP development services to businesses of all sizes and stages. By creating first-rate websites, ERP systems, bespoke web apps, and online marketing tactics that work within our customer’s price ranges, we free them up to concentrate on what they do Best running their businesses.

We seek to optimize your return on investment (ROI) by delivering cost-effective solutions based on our considerable industry knowledge. We specialize in generating aesthetically attractive web designs that set you apart from the competition. Not only does our extensive expertise enable us to do work of the highest quality, but it also enables us to provide services at pretty reasonable costs.


We Provide the Best Quality Services

Regarding technology and software, we provide you with the best service possible


We Will Help You to a Increase Your Sales Through

Worldwide clients

We have clients from all over the world and from various industries. We pride ourselves on our ability to follow best practices in developing and implementing futuristic systems and applications.

Fast delivery

Our top quality infrastructure, highly experienced and dedicated team and our state-of-the-art technologies puts us in a position to deliver solutions of the highest quality with quick turnarounds at all times.

Dedicated development team

We have a dedicated development team for each of our projects. Each project will be given its proper attention and care by a single team of developers working together to bring it to life.

Client satisfaction

Our entire team collaborates together to pursue client satisfaction. We utilize our highly engineered infrastructure, technology and talented developers to help you attain your goals and succeed.

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Some Sweet Talk Of Our Happy Clients

We are a US, Canada, Australia & Dubai based company that has been developing software and technology solutions for more than 4 years.

I’m really happy with your determination to finish this project. I know it wasn’t easy,

John Hopper

Wonderful growth information technology in up zone for CeylonX

James Alen

Fulfills client’s requirements with modern tech with far better output

Sophia Watson

Our solutions

Our Packages For Our Tech Services

When you use our services, we will assist you in discovering a wide variety of options. We’ll thoroughly examine your requirements, explain why selecting the correct service provider is important, and discuss how we can maximize your product potential.

Web Development

Build a website for your business that can be a powerful and cost-efficient promotional tool.

Mobile App Development

Building a mobile app simplifies interacting with your brand, purchasing, scheduling an appointment, and doing business with you.

ERP Systems

Use ERP systems to manage day-to-day business tasks and let your Company’s employees have more energy and help them do their jobs better.


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About Us

We are a US, Canada, Australia & Dubai based company that has been developing software and technology solutions for more than 4 years.

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